Start date of receipt of abstracts: March 1, 2021.

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: June 30, 2021.

Abstracts will have a maximum of 1,850 characters with spaces, considering the title, authors, institution, and the main text of the abstract in Word format (* .doc).

The file will be named with: abbreviation of the thematic area, hyphen, last name of the author presenting the abstract (up to two abstracts per registered author) followed by a comma, name initials, and the number 1, 2, according to the number of papers presented. Example of the file name: A1-Obregón, V.1.doc.

The abstract must contain:

Title: write the title in bold type, Arial 11, preferably less than 120 characters long, in a maximum of 3 lines, in capital letters and bold (except for scientific names that will be without authors’ letters, in lowercase italics).

Authors: in Arial 11, full surname and initials of the first author and co-authors’ names separated by commas, and indicate workplace and/or institution using superscripts. The last name of the author who will perform the presentation must be underlined.

Work address: in Arial 10, workplace, according to superscripts assigned to authors. Also include an e-mail address for correspondence (maximum 3 lines).

Main text of the abstract: leaving a space, write the text in Arial 11, in a single paragraph, with single line spacing, without subtitles, without tables, without figures, without bibliographic citations, avoiding unnecessary abbreviations; do not leave indents. Describe clearly: introduction (highlight the importance of the topic), objectives, materials and methods, results, and conclusions.

Funding: in Arial 10. When appropriate and separated by a space from the rest of the text, cite the agency or institution that provided the funds for the investigation.

Criteria for the evaluation and selection of abstracts

Relevance: it must address a topic of scientific importance, technical, economic, and/or social, associated with Plant Pathology.

Quality: the following will be taken into account:

Title: clear and consistent with the content.

Content: that the objectives, methodology, results, and conclusions are clearly expressed.

Extension: that is kept within the established character limit. Those who exceed the limit will be returned for adequacy prior to review.

The abstracts that the Scientific Committee deems pertinent will be accepted for presentation at the Congress.

Abstracts will be exhibited during the congress in an oral presentation or as a poster.

The selection for oral presentation will be made by the Scientific Commission, responsible for the evaluation of the abstracts. The Commission will communicate with the authors of the abstracts to inform the presentation method and the corresponding rules.